New Camera!

I recently decided to jump from the DSLR (Canon 6D) to the CCD Camera (ZWO ASI 1600MM-C) which will impact the quality of my images. A CCD is more sensitive and monochrome for narrowband imaging (like Ha, Oiii or Sii). Like this image with an incredible short...

The Agache!

Two of my image(M42 version 2017 et la Voie Lactée à l’observatoire) were published in the regional newspaper “L’Agache” because of Fernand Beney. Thank you! Link to the observatory of Arbaz-Anzere, where I’m...

Astrophoto Magazin

My image of M81 et M82 was selectionned in the section “Readers images” of the magazin Amateur Astrophotography Enzine. Really proud! Link to the magazin (my image p.44): Amateur Astrophotography Enzine.

New Equipment

21This October is marked by a new astronomy equipment: A mount, a guide scope with the camera and a field flattner. Matériel